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Blockwallah Hand Carved Wood Stamps
Blockwallah = 'Block' (Stamps) + 'wallah' (Hindi for seller)

Visit Bockwallah HERE
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The art of block-printing goes back over a thousand years, practiced by traditional artisans across the country. Blockwallah stamps are hand carved by skilled artisans in rural India. The carving is done on sustainable hard wood, Shesham wood, which is also known as Indian Rosewood.

Easy to use, to store, and to clean, these blocks promise a long printing life. Blockwallah hand carved wood stamps can be used for printing on both fabric and paper. They can also be used for clay and body art. Popular techniques include T-shirts, cards, bags, wall-paper, bed-linen and scrapbooks.

Visit the Blockwallah Web Site HERE

Video Demos Here

Bombay Border
Approx. 2-3/4 x 1"
$13.00 Retail - $12.89 Our Price

Chakra 4
Approx. Size 1.75x1.75"
$13.00 Retail - $12.89 Our Price

Approx. Size 1x2"
$10.00 Retail - $9.89 Our Price

Floral Border
Approx. 3.25"x1.25"
$10.00 Retail - $9.89 Our Price

Petal Paisley
Approx. 1.75 x 1.25"
$10.00 Retail - $9.89 Our Price

Approx. Size 2.5 x 2"
$10.00 Retail - $9.89 Our Price

Sunset Flower
Approx. 1-7/8 x 1-5/8"
$13.00 Retail - $12.89 Our Price

Approx. 2-7/8 x 1-3/4"
$10.00 Retail - $9.89 Our Price

Approx. Size 3x1.25"
$13.00 Retail - $12.89 Our Price

Wild Rose
Approx. Size 3x2-3/4"
$10.00 Retail - $9.89 Our Price

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