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Embossing powders adhere to any slow drying ink. "Pigment" inks or water based inks that stay wet long enough for you to sprinkle your powder, tap off excess then heat with a heat tool work the best.

When heated, the powders melt into beautiful colors and textures on top of the wet ink.

Embossing outline stamp images will make coloring inside the lines easy and give your stamped projects a professional touch.

Embossing on a solid image (as in the sample above), gives texture, dimension and special effects for your art.

Gold powder on Black Cardstock is so elegant. Using the same color inks as EP's will deepen the final colors. Transluscent powders over color inks give you a variety of options. Mixing different EP's is also fun... for a one-of-a kind result that only you can create!

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