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Fude 1.5 Ball Pens

(Scroll down for Uniball Pens)

A larger ball pen with permanent ink that won't run when dry. It writes on Acrylic Paints easily, so art journaling is a breeze. Designed to write in broad, fluid strokes similar to a brush, but with better control. See Dina Wakley's Art Journaling Demo Below.

Cost: $3.99 Retail - $3.89 Our Price

Purchase SIX (6) Pens for $22.55

Dina Wakley Demos the Fude 1.5 Ball Pen


Black Black Fude Ball Pen 1.5 - $3.89 Each

Blue Fude Ball Pen 1.5 - $3.89 Each

Uni-Ball Gel Impact Pens

This Uni-Ball White Gel Pen from Sanford is getting rave reviews.

The ink comes out smoothly and covers thoroughly without skipping.
It works on lots of surfaces and even shows up on lighter cardstocks.
Try it on photographs, paper crafts, even acetate. 1mm Point Size.

NOW AVAILABLE in Gold and Silver

Acid-free, full coverage ink.

Cost: $3.29


White Uniball Gel Pen

Gold Uniball Gel Pen

Silver Uniball Gel Pen


Order All Three Pens


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