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Ice Resin and Art Mechanique
Susan Lenart Kazmer

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ICE Resin® is a crystal clear resin that is jeweler's grade and never fades, yellows or chips. It can be used in jewelry, craft projects, paper arts and more. Its safe to use indoors and is the ideal use for projects you want to preserve in a crystal clear hard coating or dome. Ice Resin takes 6 hours to harden and 3 days to fully cure. Can be colored with opaque and transparent pigments. Complete instructions included.

Project Examples:


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Ice Resin Products:

ICE Resin - 8oz Doming Kit
This jewelry grade ICE Resin Doming kit has everything that you need to make your own jewelry or other mixed media. You've always wanted to create your own charms, necklaces, pendants and lots more. ICE Resin is a clear resin that never fades, yellows or chips. It's safe to use indoors and is ideal for projects you want to preserve in a crystal clear hard coating or dome. Ice Resin takes 6 hours to harden and 3 days to fully cure. Can be colored with opaque and transparent pigments. Kit includes: 4 oz bottle Resin, 4 oz bottle Hardener, 8 - 1 oz. mixing cups, 8 stir sticks, Complete directions.

$28.00 Retail
$27.79 Our Price
Qty -

ICE Resin - 1oz Syringe Pack
This 1 ounce syringe pack makes it easy to dispense the perfect blend, and affordable enough to try out this exciting new jewelry medium. Makes up to one ounce of resin without measuring, just push the double plunger until you have as much liquid as you need for your project, and stir the two parts together! One pack can fill ten large deep bezels. Double Syringe Includes:.5 oz. of Part A Resin,5 oz. of Part B Hardener. Double cap included for tips of syringes so they can be capped until you use the rest.

$12.00 Retail
$11.89 Our Price
Qty -

Paper Sealer
This is an improved formula of Paper Sealant for your Collage work. When applied to paper that is destined to go under ICE Resin, it will maintain its opacity, instead of becoming transparent, as paper does under ICE Resin. It is quick drying: just paint it on with a sponge and hold it in the air for 30 seconds to a minute; then apply ICE Resin, as usual, and insert it into a bezel that is ready for an ICE Resin pour. You probably love, as we do, the transparent effect ICE Resin has on paper. The use of Paper Sealer is for those special cases where you want to keep very dark, graphic lines in your collage work, or when using actual photographs, which can have a mottled look under resin because of uneven emulsion. 1 ounce bottle.

$4.00 Retail
$3.89 Our Price
Qty -

Molding Putty 2 part 6oz
This is a fantastic molding putty which excels in the qualities of malleability, speed and resolution. Simple to mix, it allows for a full 5 minutes of working time and yet will be fully cured and ready for ICE Resin in 10 minutes. The resolution quality is excellent in this jewelers grade putty and high definition molds can be easily made. For additional information on using our Jeweler's Grade Molding Putty with ICE Resin, check out Jen Cushman's book: Explore, Create, Resinate.

$12.50 Retail
$12.39 Our Price
Qty -


Collage Templates fit perfectly with Mixed Metal Bezels and will take all the work out of sizing and cutting in your collage work. Great for teaching- saves time; students and artists alike can see their design through the window to get a view you just cannot achieve when working with Closed Back Bezels! Template measures 4in x 6in.

Bezel Template Circle Oval Triangle

$9.00 Retail
$8.89 Our Price
Qty -

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Instruction & More

Ice Resin - Explore, Create, Resinate Jewelry & Mixed Media Techniques Book
This 8in x 8in soft cover book features 120 pages of ICE Resin eye candy, including step out photos for everything from the basics of mixing and pouring, making resin paper, to advanced techniques such as resin casting. There is even a handy chapter on fixing any possible mistakes when working with this jewelers grade two part epoxy resin! Explore, Create, Resinate Jewelry features gorgeous photography, fun projects and a gallery of work by the ICE Resin Founder Susan Lenart Kazmer and Jen Cushman, as well as gallery images from dozens of talented designers from past and present ICE Resin Design Teams.
$24.00 Retail
$21.99 Our Price

Image Flip Book Belles Dames


$8.00 Retail
$7.89 Our Price

Qty -

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