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EnviroTex Jewelry Clay

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Envirotex Jewelry Clay® is a blend of premium epoxy and clay powders resulting in a smooth porcelain like surface that will not shrink when cured.

This advanced formula is easy to mix, has a long working time and air cures to a hard, durable and impact resistant product. EnviroTex Jewelry Clay® has excellent adhesive qualities and will bond to most surfaces including glass, metal, wood, etc. Once cured, EnviroTex Jewelry Clay® is waterproof, heat and chemical resistant. It can be colored while in its uncured form or painted when cured. EnviroTex Jewelry Clay® cures to a firm hardness in 5 hours and full cure in approximately 24 hours at 70 F.

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Envirotex Jewelry Clay - 4oz.

COST: $12.00 Retail - $11.25 On Sale


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