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Elephant Book Project

Using the Carla Craft Ring Ring Binding System

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Instructions and Supplies:

We used a favorite watercolor painted by an artist friend, printed it on glossy photo paper then created a book around the image.

We used La D'Ore Leafing Flakes, a variety of cardstocks, a rubber stamp with swirl design and Copper Brilliance Ink. We bound the book using the Carla Craft Ring Ring 12" punch and used Navy Blue 9mm Coils to finish the work.
      Carla Craft 12 Inch Binding System - $22.99
      Navy Blue 9mm Coils - $5.39
      Sand Speck Cardstock 8.5x11 - 10pak - $2.99
      Mixed La D'Ore Gold Leaf Flakes 1 gm - $9.49
      Rainbow La D'Ore Gold Leaf Flakes 1 gm - $9.49
      More La D'Ore HERE
      La D'Ore Adhesive 3.5oz - $6.99
      Cosmic Copper Brilliance Ink Pad - $8.19
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