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Make sure your computer is SAFE before you transmit sensitive information.

Read this document then return to your shopping when you feel
you've taken all sensible precautions!

When shopping on the Internet, you have to be certain our ordering sysem is secure, but you ALSO have to be sure YOUR OWN COMPUTER is secure!

Please read this document to learn how you can safely and most securely enjoy your internet shopping experience.


We will NOT ask for your Social Security # or any other compromising information that would make you vulnerable to Identity Theft or Credit Card fraud.

If any screens pop up asking for this type of information anytime you are ordering online, EXIT THE ORDER PROCESS IMMEDIATELY and shut down your computer! Make sure you have Firewall Protection installed to keep your computer SECURE from outside invasion.

We use a SECURED SERVER for credit card transmissions. **Do not send credit card information via Email!**

We run Anti-Virus software regularly and we have Firewall Protection on our own computers. This reduces significantly the small, but real risk of breached security.

Adding these protections to your OWN computer will go even further to keeping you and your private information safe!

We take Internet Security SERIOUSLY. Home and Business users should also make sure their own computers are protected. Find out about Firewall Software Options for your computer today!

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We DO NOT sell, share or otherwise distribute ANY information you provide when you order or E-Mail us.

We can keep your credit card information on file, in a secure, encrypted and password protected location OFF-LINE. This is for your convenience so that when/if you re-order, you do not need to resubmit your credit card information. If you do NOT want us to keep your card on file, let us know.

If there is no customer activity for six months or more ALL Credit Card information is deleted.

We are vehemently ANTI-SPAM and will not intentionally send you any uninvited E-Mail.

We DO have an E-Mail list. But you must REQUEST being added (either by checking off "YES" on our order form or by sending us an E-Mail requesting subscription).

You CAN be removed from our mailing list AT ANY TIME by E-Mailing us directly or using the very simple UNSUBSCRIBE command at the bottom of all our E-Mail updates.

We feel strongly about privacy issues, good customer service and quality products! If you EVER have any questions whatsoever, don't hesitate to let us know!


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