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Silver Mirror Paint by Viva Decor

An innovative product that transforms simple glass or acrylic items into fascinating mirror objects. Specially developed to deliver a "silver-plated" effect. Apply to surfaces like storm lamps and lanterns a beautiful antique mirror-effect. 25ml Bottle

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Project Ideas
For best results:
  • Shake well before use
  • Before applying mirror paint clean all glass and acrylic surfaces, with washing liquid or alcohol
  • Please wash your hand and do not use hand cream before using mirror paint
  • All subsurface must be clean, grease free and dry. Also remove all residual color, glue or stickers before applying mirror paint
  • Allow mirror paint to dry naturally, do not use any heat source i.e. heat gun or blow-dryer


Viva Decor Silver Mirror Paint
$8.00 Retail - $7.99 Our Price


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